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Digital Piggy Bank 

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The digital piggy bank which will help your kids, as young as 4, form life changing money habits
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You've not seen a Piggy Bank like this

Fun. Digital. Smart. 

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Digital Pocket Money

No money around the house? No worries.

Give your kids pocket money in the tool.


If they want to buy something then you simply pay for it and record this in the tool. Easy!

Watch their forest grow

To help your kids learn about the uses of money, your kids record their money in the tool. Their money is then shown as seeds. They decide how many seeds to spend and how many to plant (save)

They'll start developing an incredible savings mindset before you know it

See all their money in one place!
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Form life changing money habits!

Your kids start forming money habits before the age of 7 (whether you realise it or not)


The Habit Maker checks they are forming good habits each time they receive money. These habits can last a lifetime

Jo the Financial Superhero!

To learn about their money, your kids will need to Find Jo the Financial Superhero in the tool


Also, each time your kids use the Habit Maker they get asked a money related question. This helps them learn something most of us wish we were taught as a kid



"Well done, you found Jo!

Jo was just looking at how much your Bushes could be worth when you are 18 years old."

Sit with your kid(s) to help record any money ("seeds") they receive (how much, who it's from and why).  


Your kid(s) allocate their seeds  - to spend, save towards a goal, save and / or invest for the long-term.

You still control their money. For example, if they opt to save for the long-term, the tool reminds you how much money you need to move into their savings account when you find time. If you regularly save money for them, the tool automatically updates their balance.

The tool can track the value of your kid's investment account(s) or, if it's an account in your name, you can allocate a proportion to them. The tool does not access your accounts. For those that aren't investing yet, not to worry, Blue Tree can help you when you are ready.

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