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45 minutes online workshop run by our Founder, Will Rainey.

We have so far carried out workshops in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Please contact us at if you are interested in helping improve the financial wellbeing of your employees and their families.

After workshop:

How to teach kids about money

Company Workshop


Most parents want to teach their kids about money but just don’t know where to start. This is often because when young they were never taught about money themselves. 


This workshop helps kids form life changing money habits. It also provides parents with a fun and simple way to learn about money themselves without the fear of their financial knowledge being judged.


What do we cover in our workshop?

  • Why it's so important to teach kids, as young as 4 years old, about money

  • How to teach kids the different uses of money in an engaging way

  • Pocket Money (Allowance) - The most powerful financial education tool in the world!

  • Three essential money habits to teach your kids

  • How to teach kids about the stock market (parents love this)

Roger Steel,

Willis Towers Watson

The event was very well received by our Hong Kong colleagues with children - the feedback was that it was engaging and practical.

Chris Carroll,


The engaging session provided fundamental insight for UK colleagues at all levels of our organisation, many of whom are finance professionals, proving that knowing and doing don’t always go hand in hand!

Tanya Gan,

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$

Blue Tree’s workshop is the perfect seed to plant in young minds, to start them on a successful financial journey. Highly recommended!

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