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Child Safety
We take child safety and data protection very seriously. We do not share any personal information with anyone. The Boris and Gail's Fortune Club does not contain any direct messaging or chat facilities. The only information stored are scores from the games they play and the completed action sheets they upload. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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You can now start putting what you've learned into action by using  
Gail's Business Planner and Boris' Money Tracker from Boris and Gail's Fortune Club.

Just click to download. Print and complete to start following what you learned from Grandpa's Fortune Fables.

That's not all:
  • You get 50% off when joining to the FORTUNE CLUB (find out more about the club below)

Just enter the code 'saveyourmoney' when signing up
Gail's Business Planner
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Boris' Money Tracker
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Grandpa says 'I have 3 coins in my hand which add up to £0.12. What coins do I have?'
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Grandpa says 'I have 3 coins in my hand which add up to £0.12. What coins do I have?'
Level 1 of 10
It's Boris here - I hope you enjoyed reading Grandpa's Fortune Fables!

Now that we've all heard Grandpa Jack's stories, it's time to put what we've learned into action.

Gail and I have been creating lots of action sheets to make sure we are following Grandpa Jack's tips. Come and join our
Fortune Club so you can do the action sheets with us.

Also, Grandpa Jack has helped us create some fun money games. Below is a game Grandpa played with Gail during her summer holidays. Try it out for yourself.

We hope you come and join our club!

Why Join the Fortune Club?
To be great with money, we need to put what we've learned into action. We've put Grandpa's stories into six actionable projects.

Each project has:
  • A reminder of what we learned from Grandpa's stories
  • An Action Sheet to print and complete
  • A fun online money game
  • A badge when the action sheet and game have been completed
Once you've completed all 6 projects you'll get the Fortune Club Award!