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Boris and Gail's
Fortune club

Are you aged between 6 and 12?
Come and join our
FORTUNE CLUB. You'll start learning about money by playing 6 fun games and completing our 6 Action Sheets. 
Grandpa's Mystery Code
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Club Members
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Mystery Code Prize
Congratulations - you solved Grandpa's Mystery Code.

Prizes - You can now start putting what you've learned into action by using Boris' Money Tracker and playing The Banknote Game which are part of Boris and Gail's Fortune Club.

That's not all:
  • You get 50% off when joining to the FORTUNE CLUB (find out more about the club below). Just enter the promo code 'saveyourmoneywhen you checkout
Boris' Money Tracker
The Banknote Game
Chapter 1 - colour and shadow_edited.png
Thank you for leaving a review. We really appreciate you taking the time. These reviews help our book reach more kids who want to learn about money.
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Grandpa's Exact Money Game
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10 coin_edited.png
20 coin_edited.png
Grandpa says 'I have 3 coins in my hand which add up to £0.12. What coins do I have?'
5 coin_edited.png
Level 1 of 10
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Grandpa says 'I have 3 coins in my hand which add up to £0.12. What coins do I have?'
Level 1 of 10
The Banknote Game
chapter 6 - colour_edited.png
chapter 4 - colour_edited.png
chapter 5 - colour_edited_edited.png
chapter 9 - colour_edited.png
chapter 8 - colour_edited.png
chapter 7 - colour_edited.png
Chapter 12 - colour_edited.png
Chapter 10 - colour_edited.png
Chapter 11 - colour_edited.png
Chapter 13 - colour_edited.png
Chapter 14 - colour_edited.png
Select the correct country from dropdown and press 'Check' at the end to see how you did.
Chapter 1 - colour and shadow_edited.png
chapter 3 - colour_edited.png
chapter 2 - colour_edited.png
Join our club!
You'll need a parent to help here. To join the Fortune Club it costs just £6!

If you have read Grandpa's Fortune Fables and solved Grandpa's Mystery Code then it cost ONLY £3 to join!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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