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Terms and Conditions

Blue Tree cares about how the information you provide us is used, stored and shared.  Please read this important information in full so you are aware of your legal rights and how we use and protect the data you provide to us when you visit our website

We may need to update or change our terms and conditions to ensure we remain legally compliant or as business needs evolve.  Where possible we will email you in advance to notify you of any key changes.  Where not possible or practical, we will ensure up to date terms and conditions remain accessible on our website.  

Subscribing and unsubscribing

By subscribing to and using the Online Blue Tree Sharing tool you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.

If you would like to unsubscribe please contact entitling your email ‘unsubscribe’.

Personal information and Data Protection

Blue Tree uses to host its website and store its data which commits to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

All personal data collected and processed by Blue Tree will also comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other applicable laws.  Blue Tree will use the personal information you provide when subscribing to contact you with updates and to set up your online account with us.  Any personal information used will only be for where it is necessary to perform our services for you (for the purpose of maintaining the Blue Tree Sharing Tool and enabling reconciliations) or where we have sought your consent (e.g. where you opt to subscribe to receive account or blog updates). Data will not be shared with any unnamed third party not referred to in this document without your prior consent.

By subscribing for updates or to access the online sharing tool you are giving consent to the collection and use of your data via Blue Tree Savings.

If you would like to withdraw your consent please email entitling your email ‘personal data’.  If you would like to request a copy of data or to delete your data when unsubscribing, please email the same address outlining your specific request.  A priority action request will be shared with the website host.


Your password

You will be required to set up a password when you subscribe. This information and any other personal data supplied will also be processed in line with our Data Protection commitment to you.  Passwords should be kept secure and confidential.  In the event your password has become compromised by you, you should go to the Blue Tree Login page and click on the Forgot Password button which will allow you to update your password.

Payment Method

For subscribers, monthly payment is taken via credit card and processed through an external payment provider, “Stripe”, who provide a fully integrated, global platform for online payments.   Details of their website and terms of use can be found here -

In the event your chosen credit card expires you will need to set up your regular payment with a new, valid card.  You will be notified accordingly in the event your payment is not received successfully.


Information about Us

Blue Tree Savings is not a financial advice provider and we do not have any link to external investment fund accounts or provider balances.  Any opinion shared should not be relied upon for the purposes of making personal financial decisions.  We provide education resources and an online sharing tool which customers update and which provides a reconciliation tool versus publicly available fund performance information.

Any specific queries or complaints in regard to a personal investment fund or investment account should be directed to a customer’s chosen external provider.


Customers should be at least 18 years old and provide accurate personal subscription information: name, email address, name of fund invested in, amounts invested externally (optional), ongoing regular payment amounts and, date of birth of your children for whom you are sharing the investment fund with.

Customers are responsible for payment of their own taxes on any income made via personal investments and for seeking any independent financial or personal tax advice they deem necessary.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on the website and related blogs are owned by Blue Tree Savings.  This includes logos, photos, images, works and derivative work.

You may temporarily store the e-book and account summary statements for personal, non-commercial use only.

You may not create or publish any substantial part of the services on offer.

Our obligations

All information provided will be correct at the time of inclusion as far as is reasonably possible.  Fund price updates will typically be updated on a monthly basis and rely upon the accuracy of the publicly available information (which may not always be direct from a specific investment fund provider’s website, but such as via a consolidated market performance portal).

Any links to third party services or providers are for reference only and for you to access with your own judgement and based on agreeing to their relevant terms and conditions and privacy policy.  Blue Tree Savings does not accept any responsibility for third party website content or where you submit data to them.

Entire Agreement and Third Party Rights

These Terms represent the entire agreement between you and Blue Tree and supersede any prior oral or written communication in relation to the contract.

Your statutory rights are not affected by anything set out in these terms.

A person who is not a party to these Terms has no right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these conditions.

These Terms are governed by English law.


If you have a query, concern or complaint please contact Blue Tree Savings at

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