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Wealthy Kids Program
  • Wealthy Kids Program

    £26.00 Regular Price
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    Parents worry their kids are not getting taught about money at school. They don't know where to start as they've never been taught about money themselves!


    We completely understand and that's why we have put this special bundle offer together. 


    "My kids absolutely love the book. They have started to save some of their money and we have just opened up an investment account for them (and ourselves). I have learned so much from the online course - we actually watched it with our kids and now have some really interesting money discussions!" Ana, parent of two.


    What's included in the Wealthy Kids Program?


    For your kids:


    • Grandpa's Fortune Fables Book - A best-selling book which includes fun stories to teach kids about money - including free delivery!
    • Fortune Club Access - Online games and worksheets to help them learn about money
    • Money Tracker Spreadsheet - Allows your kids to track their money and see if grow


    For you:


    • Online Course - This course is split into five 20-minute videos to help you teach your kids about earning, saving, investing, debt and much more in a fun way. Parents learn a lot about money themselves from this course.
    • 3-Step Guide to Investing - We want to help all families start investing for themselves and their kids. This guide helps you on that journey.


    Don't delay, start helping your kids learn about money today!

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