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Paperback version (Box of 5) + FREE DELIVERY
  • Paperback version (Box of 5) + FREE DELIVERY

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    Fun stories to teach your kids about money.

    "Perhaps the most cleverly written, and delightful to read, financial education book"
    J.J. Wenrich (Author and Financial Advisor)

    When Grandpa Jack was a young man, he went on an adventure to a faraway island in search of gold. Whilst he was on the island he discovered 'The Three Rules of Wealth'. These rules helped him to become a very wealthy man.

    As Gail shares her Grandpa’s adventures, your kids will learn:

    • The difference between being 'Rich' and being 'Wealthy'
    • How to earn money
    • The importance of saving their money
    • How to grow their money (investing)
    • That patience is the superpower of the wealthy
    • Why they should avoid gambling, scams and (bad) debt


    Your kids will also have to try and solve Grandpa's Mystery Code as they answer short questions to recap on what they have learnt throughout the book.


    “This book should be in every school library”
    Kevin Gatland OBE

    "I would give this book 5 stars out of 5 ... It’s great to read aloud!"
    Isla Manson, avid reader, age 11

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