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Grandpa's Fortune Fables Book (Fun stories to teach kids about money)

I’m incredibly excited to let you know that my book "Grandpa’s Fortune Fables" is now available to buy.

best money book for kids cover

This has been a project that I have spent the last 6 months working on. It was officially released on Wednesday (27 October) and has already gone to #1 in the Children’s Money & Savings charts.

In this short blog, I want to give you a bit more background to why I’ve written this book, what you can expect and what people have said so far.

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Why I’ve written Grandpa's Fortune Fables

Parents want their kids to grow up financially healthy but don't know where to start. Grandpa's Fortune Fables helps these parents as they can read this book with their kids.

There is a lot of research that shows that kids form many of their adult money behaviours when they are young. It has also been shown that kids who do learn about money grow up to be more confident and have fewer money worries. With most schools not teaching our kids about money, parents need to take responsibility. This is why I have written this book. I want to help as many parents as possible ensure that their kids learn key money lessons. Whilst there are other books which teach kids (ages 7-13) about money, many of these are in textbook format. I believe storytelling is the best way to learn about money. Even my favourite personal finance books for adults are story-based!

Lessons from the best personal finance books ever written

Lastly, I learned about money from reading personal finance books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad; The Richest Man In Babylon and The Psychology of Money. I wished I had learned about the different money topics in these books when I was a kid and this is another reason for writing Grandpa's Fortune Fables. I've taken many of the lessons from these amazing books and put them into fun stories for kids.

What can you expect from Grandpa's Fortune Fables?

Grandpa, Boris and Gail from grandpa's fortune fables

When Grandpa Jack was a young man, he went on an adventure to a faraway island called Pucha-Pucha in search of gold. Whilst he was on the island he discovered 'The Three Rules of Wealth'. These rules helped him to become a very wealthy man. As Gail shares her Grandpa’s adventures, your kids will learn:

  • The difference between being 'Rich' and being 'Wealthy'

  • How to earn money

  • The importance of saving their money

  • How to grow their money (investing)

  • That patience is the superpower of the wealthy

  • Why they should avoid gambling, scams and (bad) debt

Your kids will also have to try and solve Grandpa's Mystery Code as they answer short questions to recap what they have learned throughout the book. In addition to just talking about money, the other big theme of the book is about kindness.

Early reviews of the book have been overwhelmingly positive

Andrea Varga (on LinkedIn): “I dare to say this is the best book I have read this year and I have gone through quite a few. I could not put it down, kept me mesmerised.” @frugalExpat1 (on Twitter): “I am halfway through! I love it. Did you name the character Shovel Sam after Samuel Brannan?” (The answer is yes - he is the man who became rich during the American Gold Rush by selling everyone a shovel) Darlene Pawelkiewicz (on LinkedIn): “I highly recommend the book!” Nick Pike (on LinkedIn): “My copy of the book arrived today. I read the first two chapters with my 9-year-old son this evening and he really wanted to keep going. Brilliant book. The mystery code is genius. Congratulations” The best feedback has been from those who have read the book and decided to buy copies for their local schools. I would love for this book to be in every school library. If you do decide you'd like to buy a few copies for your local school then please contact me directly at as I can arrange a discount for bulk purchases (10+).

Subscribe in the footer below and you'll receive the first two chapters for FREE

I need your help …

I would love to get Grandpa's Fortune Fables out to as many kids as possible as I do believe it will make a difference to the financial future of the kids who read it. Therefore, if you know of any Facebook groups, Parent groups, Podcasters, or celebrities whom I could reach out to, then please do let me know ( Any support would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the book! Will P.S. If you do order a couple, it would be amazing if you could leave an online review and recommend it to your friends. This helps the book gain more exposure and help more families.

Grandpa''s Fortune Fables Book Cover


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