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  • Workshop follow-up

    For those that have attended a workshop and want more
    • 1. Rich Kids vs Wealthy Kids - Money Mindset
    • 2. How to teach your kids about the Stock Market
    • 3. How to make sure your kids don't lose their money
    • 4. How to train your kids to become a Financial Genius!
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      • Gift: Online Course

        • Fortune Club

          Without code
          • Fortune Club

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            • Fortune Club

              With Review
              • Fortune Club

                Discount code and book review
                • Wealthy Kids Program

                  Exclusive content, copy of Grandpa's Fortune Fables, Online Course, Games and Worksheets
                  • Includes: Grandpa's Fortune Fables book (including delivery)
                  • Access to the Fortune Club (online games and worksheets)
                  • How to teach kids about money Online Course
                  • 3 Step Guide to Investing for your kids
                  • Money Tracker For Kids
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