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You can find 99% of my content in my blogs for free. But for a more structured, visual approach, you might like to check out my online course. 
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By watching the five 20 minutes videos, you and your kids will learn many of the topics most adults wish they were taught when they were kids.


This course is designed for you, the adults, to watch and then teach what you have learned to your kids, however, lots of parents have signed up their kids (and teenagers) for the course. 

Using stories and lots of tree analogies, you'll be able to help kids learn:

  • Module 1: Foundations and great money habits

  • Module 2: RICH vs. WEALTHY

  • Module 3: How to teach your kids about the STOCK MARKET

  • Module 4: How to teach your kids not to lose their money (DEBT, GAMBLING and SCAMS)

  • Module 5: How to teach your kids to become financial geniuses (TAX, PENSIONS, MORTGAGES)

Don't delay, teach your kids about money today!

Invest in your kids' financial future! 

Now Only £27! (was £49)


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Online Course
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