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Raising Wealthy Kids: A Parent's Guide


Kids who learn about money grow up to be more confident, have higher self-esteem and less money worries. This online course helps you teach your kids to become wealthy and stay wealthy! By watching the five 20-minute videos, you and your kids will learn many of the topics most adults wish they were taught when they were kids. This course is designed for you, the adults, to watch and then teach what you have learned to your kids, however, lots of parents have signed up their kids (and teenagers) for the course. Using stories and lots of tree analogies, you'll be able to help kids learn: Session 1: Foundations and great money habits Session 2: How to teach your kids about: RICH vs. WEALTHY Session 3: How to teach your kids about: The STOCK MARKET Session 4: How to teach your kids: Not To Lose Their Money (DEBT, GAMBLING and SCAMS) Session 5: How to teach your kids: The Important Money Stuff (TAX, PENSIONS, MORTGAGES) Ready to start helping your kids learn about money? WEALTHY KIDS PROGRAM: You can get access to the above Online Course as part of our Wealthy Kids Program which also includes: * Best-Selling Kids Money Book: Grandpa's Fortune Fables (including free delivery) * Access to the Fortune Club (fun online money games and downloadable worksheets) * Money Tracker for Kids (so they can see their money growing over time) * Exclusive content to help you start investing for your kids Don't delay, start teaching your kids about money today!

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