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Helping You Teach Your Kids About Money

A Book For Your Kids. Blogs And A Course For You.

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Worried that your kids don't know how to look after their money? 
We've got you covered. We have resources to ensure your kids grow up financially healthy and wealthy!

Grandpa's Fortune Fables book - teaching kids about money - financial education for kids
MAIA Special Commendation 2022
Grandpa's Fortune Fables is a best-selling money book for kids (aged 6 to 12).

It uses fun stories to help them learn the 3 Rules of Money. 

Your kids need this book if they don't know the difference between 'Rich' and 'Wealthy', how money can grow and why patience is a money superpower!

average rating is 4.8 out of 5, based on 209 votes, ratings on Amazon UK

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Empowering parents to teach their kids about money (whilst learning about money themselves).

"Blue Tree’s course is the perfect seed to plant in young minds, to start them on a successful financial journey. Highly recommended!"  Tanya Gan, Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$
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Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my site. Here's a little bit about me ...

I'm an actuary (someone who loves numbers), a husband and father to two amazing daughters.

I started Blue Tree Savings in 2019, when my wife and I took a mini-retirement from the corporate world. At the time, we moved to Hoi An in Vietnam (the best place in the world!). It was there I started coming up with stories to help my kids learn about money so their pocket money wouldn't go to waste.

I believe the best way to explain complex topics is to turn them into interesting stories!

Before starting this site, l was an award-winning investment consultant. I was providing investment advice to governments, insurance companies and some of the world's largest pension schemes. 

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If so, let them know about our 'How to Teach Kids About Money Webinar'. 

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Wealthy Kids Program



Includes: Grandpa's Fortune Fables book (including delivery)

Access to the Fortune Club (online games and worksheets)

How to teach kids about money Online Course

3 Step Guide to Investing for your kids

Money Tracker For Kids

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