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Habit Maker

Just loading your preferences now ...

You'll now be able to add or edit your child accounts

It doesn't matter if they have lots of savings accounts or none at all, you'll still be able to help them save and see where their money is

Before you know it your kids will be forming some amazing life changing money habits! 

Heading 1

Heading 1

What do your kids call you? 

Which currency symbol do you wish to use? 

Do you invest your kids' savings?

Welcome! Let's start with some quick fire questions about your preferences

Your kids will get their long-term savings when they are ...

How much do they need to save before they reach a milestone? 


(Min. 10)

If your kids reach a savings milestone, they will get a new Bush or Blue Tree in their financial forest. 


Investment Sharing and Tracking

The Habit Maker allows you to share and track particular investment funds for your kids' savings.


Investment Account in THEIR name: It will track how much they have in their account.

Investment Account in YOUR name: You can easily share your investments with your kids (learn more).

Tracking tool images
Play Video

Heading 1

Are you invested in one of these funds?

If would like to add a fund to list please let us know the name of the fund and we'll be in touch ...

.. in the meantime, you can simply update how much they have invested manually.

How much do you add to this fund each month?


How many units do you have in the fund? (help)


We do not access you account - please see terms and conditions for more information

How to find how many Units you have: (example)

  • If you open your investment account the number of 'Units' is stated under the 'quantity' column in the list of your investments.

  • When you invest in a fund you are buying units (or a proportion of a unit). The price of these units changes every day. The size of your investment is the price of a unit multiplied by the number of units you have. 



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