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"My daughter just completed the course and she really enjoyed the learning experience. I am sharing your website with other parents too!" Anu P (daughter is 10 years old)

Want to teach your kids about money but don't know where to start?

You've come to the right place! 


This course is designed for parents who want to learn about money in a super simple and fun way. 

Using stories and lots of tree analogies, you'll be able to help kids learn:

  • How money can grow like a tree

  • Why it's better to be 'Wealthy' than 'Rich' 

  • How the stock market works using McDonalds and Lego

  • They'll even learn about debt, scams and tax

After 5 short videos you'll change your kids' financial future for the better!

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3. How to teach your kids about the Stock Market


Even if parents have no prior knowledge of the stock market, they will be able to explain the basics to their kids by the end. We use McDonalds and Lego to make this topic (which isn't taught in school) simple and engaging for both the parents and their kids.

This part of the course includes:

  • Why teach your kids about the stock market?


  • How to teach your kids about the stock market


  • Basic information you need before you can invest for your kids

Note: This course provides guidance only. No specific investment advice will be provided.

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4. How to make sure your kids don't lose their money

We all hope our kids get good grades and get a good job so they earn 'good' money. We need to teach our kids is how to make sure they look after the money they'll earn in the future.

Today, many adults lose a lot of their money due to a lack of financial education. With money not taught in most schools, it is us, as parents, that need to help our kids look after their money.

We help you teach your kids the common ways people lose their money, so that your kids won't!

This part of the course includes:

  • Debt

  • Scams

  • Gambling

5. How to train your kids to become Financial Geniuses!

Three of the biggest areas which impact all of us in terms of money are tax, mortgages and pensions. Yet we are never taught about these three areas. That's why it important for parents to help their kids learn these topics from a young age.

This part of the course includes:

  • Why teach your kids about tax, mortgages and pensions?


  • How to teach your kids about tax, mortgages and pensions


  • What actions parents should consider taking when it comes to saving for their kids (pensions and tax).

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2. Rich Kids vs Wealthy Kids - Money Mindset

For our kids to grow up to be financially healthy they need to have the right financial mindset.

Here we focus on how to teach kids, as young as 7 years old, about the difference between being Rich (having money now) vs Wealthy (having money to look after you into the future).

This part of the course includes:

  • Why it's important for kids to grow up with the right financial mindset


  • How to teach your kids the difference between Rich and Wealthy (using the story of Rich Raccoon and Wealthy Wallaby).


  • How to talk to your kids about 'Keeping up with the Jones''

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Part 1

Foundations -

Good money habits

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Part 2

Rich Kids vs Wealth Kids

Money Mindset

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Part 3

How to teach your kids about  the Stock Market

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Part 4

How to make sure your kids don't lose their money