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The Blue Tree Sharing Tool helps you share your investments with your kids

Need to set up your own investment account?

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Kids get their own page

You can show your kids how much they have invested over time so they develop a savings mindset.


To make saving engaging for them we get parents to talk about money in terms of seeds and trees. Each investment is a tree which grows and one time they want to have a forest. Therefore on their page it shows how many trees (Blue Trees) they have.


To make saving engaging for your kids you can explain the concept of money in terms of seeds and trees. Each investment deposit is a seed which grows into a tree and over time they can be the proud owners of a forest. On your ‘Kid’s Page’ it shows how many trees (Blue Trees) they have. 

​Being able to think about the future is a key skill when it comes to managing money and therefore you also see how much they could potentially have when they reach 18 years old.


Witness their forest grow!

Gifts become more special

Increase their share whenever they are given money
It might not only be you who gives your kids money. They might get money from friends and family on special occasions. Or they might have pocket money they want to save.
On your Kid's Page you simply log the occasion, the amount and who it's from. The tool will then calculate the new share of the fund that is theirs and they see their forest grow. 
For example, Auntie Tina always gives her nephew, Tom, £10 every birthday and Christmas. Instead of spending that on yet another toy, it can now be invested easily. When Tom is 18 years old, he'll be able to see that Auntie Tina's gifts are worth over £600*. That is a very special present!
* Assumes £20 per year for 18 years and a 7% per year return. For illustration only. Actual returns could be different.
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Simple to Share

We don’t see your personal, closed investment account. Simply let us know which investment fund you've invested in and how much you are topping up each month for each of your kids and we do the rest.



The Blue Tree Sharing Tool tracks the publicly available performance return of your chosen fund and uses this data, plus the amount you tell us you are investing for your kid(s) each month, to let you and them see how much they have individually accumulated as a proportion of your overall fund.

Click here to see the current list of investment funds we track. 

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Easy to maintain

If at any point you do decide to further top-up money into your investment account (or take money out), outside of your regular monthly investments, you just need to update the tool with a quick click of a button.

As long as you keep the tool informed it will instantly reconcile with your investment fund!

Note: Our tool tracks the price of funds. It does not have any direct link to your account - so any money paid in or taken out of your investment account would need to be logged. The tool has a very simple reconciliation feature to ensure there is consistency.

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Any questions? Contact us

We are here to help. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

For only £1.50 per month, are you ready to make a difference to your kids financial future?

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