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Blue Tree Sharing Tool: How It Works

Simple setup

You provide some basic information during the one-time setup about your existing investment account:

  • Which investment fund you have invested in 

  • How much is invested at the outset by family member (you and per kid)

  • How much you plan to invest each month 

In order to protect your data the tool does not access your investment account directly.

Still need to set up your own investment account?

Mirrors your investment

With the information above, the tool tracks the performance of the chosen investment fund on a monthly basis using publicly available data and updates how much is allocated to each family member.

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Kids page

To make saving engaging, your kids see the amount invested for them as "Blue Trees"as well as money. 
The more they save, the more Blue Trees they will have. The goal is for your kids to grow as big a forest as possible before they are given the savings.
The tool also shows the potential value of their Blue Tree forest when they are an adult. This helps them to look into the future rather than just focus on what they have today. 

Top up kids share anytime

It might not only be you who gives your kids money. They might get money from friends and family on special occasions. Or they might have pocket money they want to save.

You can sit down with your kids to help them log the occasion, the amount and from whom they receive money from. The tool will then calculate their new share of your overall investment fund balance and they see their forest grow. You don't need to physically move money and your overall family balance is not affected.
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Easy to maintain

If at any point you do decide to further top-up money into your investment account (or take money out), outside of your regular monthly investments, you just need to update the tool with a quick click of a button.

Step 2
Any questions? Contact us

We are here to help. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

For only £1.50 per month, are you ready to make a difference to your kids financial future?

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