Are you a parent who is investing for yourself?

Investing makes your kids

Financial Superheroes.

With the Blue Tree Sharing Tool you can now save for your kids using your existing investment account.

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Learn how to teach your kids about money! 
How the tool works:
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How does the Blue Tree Sharing Tool help parents like you?
Online tool that takes only 5-minutes to set up
Allows you to decide when your kids are financially responsible enough 


As you are sharing your existing investment account, in your name, you decide what age they are responsible enough to receive their savings. Unlike an account  in their name where the default age is 18.

Saves time as you see your family's investments are in one place


Allows you to share your investments by family member so you see each person's share in one place (where your investment account does not enable you to split by family member).

Educates your kids about savings so they become confident and less reliant on you 


By showing your kids their share of the investments as money and "Blue Trees" now and projected into the future.

Witness their forest grow!
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Brings family and friends together to support yours kids' financial wellbeing


Allows your kids to see who has helped them grow their "Blue Tree" forest as they record the money they receive from you, friends and family.


They can even record the pocket money they save, no matter how small.

60-Day Free Trial
Then only £1.50 per month 
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