Prepare your kids for the unforgiving financial world. They will enter adulthood with confidence.

Online Sharing Tool to Help You Invest for Your Kids

Why you should invest for your kids now

Money is already the number 1 cause of stress in young adults.  You can help your kids avoid this stress by investing for them now so they have savings when they become adults.  Just as importantly, tell them about what you are doing so they have the right mindset to look after their savings.

One investment account, shared

We help you as parents set up an investment account and provide a tool which allows you to track and share this with your kids.


By investing and sharing you are ensuring your kids have a financial headstart when they become adults.  Our guide and tool makes investing and sharing easy for you.


It is essential that you tell your kids you are saving for them.  Our tool helps as your kids are able to witness their savings grow using Blue Trees instead of money.


The tool allows your kids to see how much they could have in the future and, contributions from friends and family to be included in their savings.  They learn foresight and gratitude.

Let your kids witness their Blue Tree forest grow
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