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Helping you teach your
kids about money.

No matter how good (or bad) you are with money, our blogs and courses will help you take simple actions to ensure your kids grow up to be financially healthy and wealthy.
Kids and money

Blue Tree wants all kids to grow up to be financially healthy!

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Will Rainey kids and money Blue Tree Savings
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How we help you

We help you, as parents, learn about money in a way that is so simple that you'll be able to train your kids to be great with money.
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Virtual Team Meeting

Company Workshops

We work with companies to provide financial wellbeing workshops to their employees.

Piggy Bank - Online Course -

Your kids learn about money in a fun way by recording the money they receive in our online piggy bank.

Digital Piggy Bank

Each week you'll discover a new way to teach your kids about money.

Weekly Blog

Blog - Blue Tree Savings - Teaching kids about money

Online Course

Five videos which will help you change your kids' financial future forever.

Online Education