About Us!

Blue Tree provides a way for you to help you prepare your kids for their own financial future and to avoid financial stress.

We are concerned at how over half of current young adults have no savings*, our kids' will need more money than any generation before them as cost of housing and education continues to rise and, that money is the number one cause of stress in young adults.

We know that investing whilst kids are young means there is time to grow a pot of money, so they start adulthood with resources which many young adults do not have, also relieving stress.

Therefore we offer a simple tool to help make saving easy.  It shares and allocates your investment account with your kids so they become savers and get financial education in the process. Our blog site helps you train them to become Financial Superheroes www.bluetreeblog.com.

​* Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the UK stated that slightly over half of 22-29 year olds have no savings whatsoever (2018).


The Blue Tree Name 


The Blue Tree name supports with helping kids visualise money. Money is a tree's seeds'. Most people simply trade the seeds they earn for goods and services. Choosing to plant (invest) some of those seeds (money) will however grow trees. As trees grow they produce more seeds resulting in a forest.

We want all kids to become adults with their own Blue Tree Forest.

Meet The Founder

Will Rainey, FIA

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Will is a qualified actuary, industry conference speaker and an award winning* investment consultant. He has lived in the UK and Asia, working across continents helping retirement funds, central banks, insurance companies and governments outperform their strategic investment objectives.

As a father of two young children himself, ​Will founded Blue Tree to help kids like them enter adulthood with savings, to experience how investing can be simple, and understand that when done with patience, it can result in material financial benefits and a headstart in life. 

* Investment Actuary of the Year 2015 - Actuarial Post

.How do we make money?


Our Blue Tree Sharing Tool has a small monthly subscription fee of £1.50 per month per family.


We do NOT receive any money from investment companies. The illustrative companies we mention in our guide are based on our own research. We do NOT get paid commission. If your investment fund increases we do NOT take more money from you. 

We also do NOT get any money from selling your data. We believe your data is your own and so it is not sold to another party.

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